We will be having one presentation this year due to hall availability. They will be in the North Hall from 1:30-2:30pm. This is a free presentation and registration is not required but seats will be limited (approximately 30).

Our speaker this year is Kath Smyth, Calgary Horticultural Society. Kath Smyth is a horticulturist with extensive experience in the horticultural industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge and her unique humour to radio and television appearances, public presentations and client consultations. She is passionate about helping gardeners achieve gardening succeses.

Kath's talk will be: 'Seed to Table: Daydreaming Your Ideal Garden at Seedy Saturday'


What are you thinking of growing in your garden? Let’s take a moment and really think about your garden. Imagine it. It’s hard to make something real without a picture of what you’re looking for.  

Need some inspiration for your veggie garden? Let's talk about some of the most popular annual veggies to grow. In addition to vegetables, gardeners like to add a few annual flowers and herbs to their garden plan. What do you want to grow?

Let's make a list and talk about ways to share (acquire) plants for your garden.